About “myGov” portal “myGov” portal was established by the “E-GOV Development Center” under the subordination of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

"MyGov" is a system of e-services that connects citizens, government and business entities on a single platform based on a predictive government concept. Citizens will get acquainted with the information provided by government agencies in their personal cabinets at the "myGov" portal (www.my.gov.az), apply electronically to the services, obtain e-references and other documents, verify the accuracy of the information, will be able to regulate the data transmission process to other entities.

The purpose of the "myGov" portal is to provide a transition from reactive e-government to proactive e-government, facilitate the life of citizens through the provision of electronic services, transparency, and efficiency.

Functions of the portal:

1. Obtaining personal information by the citizens.

Through the myGov personal cabinet, citizens can access their personal, financial, educational and other information. The personal cabinet of myGov takes citizen-government relations to a new stage, reflecting citizens' information in real-time.

2. Informing and reminding notifications.

If the citizen's information is renewed, the validity period of the citizens' documents is expired and the new services are added to the system, the citizen receives SMS, e-mail, and notifications via the personal cabinet.

3. Transmission of data to other institutions.

Citizen information is transmitted to a third party only after approval by a citizen of the inquiry sent by relevant institutions to the personal cabinet. In addition, citizen information may be transmitted to the other party by the citizen itself in advance. The Citizen has the opportunity to track the history of all user activities (access to the cabinet, access tools, used services, log out).

4. Access of citizens to appeal to institutions.

Via personal cabinet, a citizen can send his or her own views, comments, complaints and suggestions to the relevant body. At the same time, the citizen can appeal to the relevant body about the wrong information he has discovered about himself at the system.

5. The use of electronic services provided by government agencies.

Currently, in accordance with citizen’s Personal Identification Number (PIN), notifications, information and other important data contained in different government agencies related to the citizen are integrated into the system. The integration of data of the citizens from other government agencies into the system is underway.

The following notifications will be sent to the personal cabinet through www.my.gov.az portal:

• Notifications about the need for renewing passports, driving licenses and other documents

• Notifications about the renewal of citizen’s data;

• Notification of change in the legal status of the power of attorney;

• Notification of the commencement of the proceedings against a person;

• Notification of the temporary restriction of the right of the debtor to leave the country;

• Notification of vaccination information for children; • Optionally, notification of desired services (utility, payment, etc.);

• Notification of changes to the system and new services.

At the initial stage citizens can get the following electronic services from the "myGov" portal:

• Citizens' appeal to government agencies;

• “eAgro” information system (4 subsystems)

• Information on migrants;

• Reference on communication services;

• Central Bank electronic applications system;

• Diploma information;

• Extract student-graduate from the state electronic information system;

• Birth registration service;

• Certificate of identity card;

• Reference on a national passport;

• Certificate of residence;

• Family membership certificate;

• Workplace reference;

• Information about issued power of attorney;

• Citizen's certificate of military registration;

• Citizen's reference to military service;

• Driving license certificate;

• Certificate on vehicles registered on behalf of the citizen;

• Fine Reference;

• All e-payment services implemented through ASAN payment system (services on fees,  services on fines, services for utilities and other services)

• Electronic application to participate in the tender, etc.

Other public services will be added to the "MyGov" personal cabinet regularly and gradually.

The main difference of "MyGov" portal from "e-Gov":

After a while, the e-Gov portal will give its place completely "myGov".

1. The main difference is that "myGov" is the first portal based on the personal cabinet.

2. Another difference is that, based on a predictive government concept, even if the citizen does not apply to the service, it is sending a notification to the citizen about the services he is required to get.

3. The next difference is that the portal will be available not only for state agencies but also for private companies. Thus, the citizen will get all services from the centralized portal. This will save time and resources.

4. Transmission of data to any institution can be regulated by the citizen;

5. Will be able to track the history of all user activities