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“ASAN Visa”

“ASAN Viza” has been created to simplify the visa issuance procedure for foreigners and stateless persons seeking to come to Azerbaijan.

“ASAN Viza” system operates in two directions:

1. Electronic visa issuance through the portal of

2. Provision of visa issuance upon arrival at International Airports of Azerbaijan.

Individuals seeking to visit Azerbaijan can apply for an electronic visa before coming to the country. Only national passport details are required during the application process for the electronic visas. Depending on the applicant's choice, visas can be issued within 3 days (standard visa application form) or 3 hours (emergency visa application form). Since May 15, 2018, electronic visa issuance for foreigners and stateless persons is provided with the help of ASAN Visa staff and self-service terminals at Baku, Ganja, Gabala and Lankaran International Airports.

Through the “ASAN Viza” system at the airports, upon arrival visas are issued to citizens of 14 countries - Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Japan, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Israel, South Korea, and Indonesia, as well as foreigners holding valid residence permits of GCC countries.

On average, the visa issuing process via the terminals for each foreigner is granted for 2 minutes only. In addition to self-service terminals, visa issuance through 4 windows and banking services are also rendered.

Generally, the electronic visa is provided to citizens of 94 countries through the “ASAN Viza” portal.

The electronic visa portal and self-service terminals of “ASAN Viza” at the airports function in 9 languages, covering Azerbaijani, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Persian and Russian.