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“ASAN Visa”

What is the “ASAN Visa” system and how does it facilitate your life?

The “ASAN Visa” system was established to simplify the visa issuance procedure for foreigners and stateless persons (hereafter foreigners) wishing to come to Azerbaijan.

Problems before the establishment of the "ASAN Visa" system:

• The need to apply in person to the embassy or consulate to complete the application form

• Dozens of document requests

• Application period of 10-15 days

Advantages of the “ASAN Visa” system:

• Ability to apply for a visa anywhere with just an internet connection

• The only required document is a valid passport or travel document

• Obtaining a visa within 3 hours (emergency visa application form) or 3 working days (standard visa application form)

How to get an "ASAN Visa"?

1. Through the electronic visa portal (for citizens of 94 countries);

2. At international airports located in the territory of Azerbaijan (for citizens of 14 countries).

Which airports provide issuance of “ASAN Visa” at the border?

• Baku

• Ganja


• Lankaran international airports

E-visa portal of the “ASAN Visa” and airport self-service terminals operate in 9 languages, including Azerbaijani, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Persian, and Russian. “ASAN Visa” employees at airports provide services to foreigners visiting our country in Azerbaijani, English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Indian, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Urdu, Norwegian and Russian.

Through the “ASAN Visa” system at the airports, upon arrival visas are issued to citizens of 14 countries - Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Japan, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Israel, South Korea, and Indonesia.

Holders of a valid residence permit of UAE are also eligible to apply for an upon arrival visa. Holders of a valid residence permits of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait are eligible to apply for an upon arrival visa only in case a citizen of the same country will accompany them.

The average time to issue a visa for a foreign citizen through the terminals is 2 minutes. In addition to self-service terminals, visas and banking services are provided through special windows. In general, the “ASAN Visa” system provides issuance of e-visas to foreigners from 94 countries.