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“ASAN Bridge”

What is the ASAN Bridge system and how does it simplify the processes?

The concept of digital and modern government requires effective management of large amounts of data. Each government agency stores and manages its own information. However, it should be borne in mind that in order to better serve the citizens, the various agencies must constantly transmit the necessary information to each other and do so safely and quickly. Information exchange tool ASAN Bridge System, as an integrated module of the e-Government Information System (EHIS), provides coordination of government information resources and systems, as well as stable and secure exchange of information between those resources and systems.

Advantages of the ASAN Bridge system:

• Not dependent on physical equipment (card, token, etc.)

• Ability to work on all Operating Systems (OS)

• Timely detection and prompt elimination of any problems within the system through the monitoring module

• Relevant permissions can be managed centrally while transferring information from one institution to another

• Acceptance and transfer of all types of services (XML, JSON, SOAP, Restful)

• Versioning of services in order to increase the sustainability of transmitted services

• The services can be divided into sub-services and thus transfer only the necessary information from the transmitted data to the other party.

• Maximum speed and convenience of information exchange