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The State Agency warns regarding the abuse of SMS permission codes

alarm Created with Sketch. 23-06-2020

As a result of the investigation, it was determined that there are cases of abuse by citizens in the 8103 SMS permission system. Thus, it was determined that some citizens used the code “1” through the system not for getting urgent medical necessity and receiving treatment on any schedule but for other irrelevant purposes. In just two days, 129,763 people used this code.

Again, we remind you that the code "1" is related to getting urgent medical necessity and receiving treatment on any schedule. The permit is issued for 2 hours within the district and the city. If the duration of the treatment procedure is extended, the period of return is determined by a certificate issued by a doctor. We call our citizens to prevent such cases. Otherwise, these cases are a violation of the requirements of the special quarantine regime and serious responsibility measures will be taken by law enforcement agencies in this regard.

At present, 738 thousand 937 active permits are valid in connection with obtaining a permit for employees on 54,512 public and private organizations, as well as, an individual engaged in entrepreneurial activity without establishing a legal entity.

In order to obtain permission to leave the house, 1 million 769 thousand SMS were sent to the short number 8103 by citizens of which 25 percent of them did not receive a confirmation response due to irrelevant content. 99.3 percent of SMS were answered within 1 minute.