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“The Permissions” system of the State Advertising Agency is on “myGov” portal

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Another system was integrated into the “myGov” e-Government Portal which facilitates citizens’ work by providing proactive services to them, provides transparent and efficient service while saving resources. Thus, the integration of the “Permissions” system of the State Advertising Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the “myGov” portal has been implemented.

Advertisers can now easily perform the appropriate operations (registration in the system, sending an application for permission, entering the required information for permission, making a payment and etc.) through the “Permissions” system for placing ads in the open space. A system technically developed by the E-gov Development Center serves the digitalization of processes for issuance and control of advertising in the open space, as well as the more efficient and transparent implementation of these processes.

The Permission system was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 1743 dated December 19, 2017, on the approval of the “Rules of Permitting Advertising in the Open Space and controlling in this field”, “The amount of state duty for the advertising in the open space”, and “Amount of fees paid for advertising in the open space”.

On the “myGov” portal, administered by the E-Government Development Center under the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, every citizen can access “e-Agro”, “e-Procurement”, “e-appeal system of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, "ASAN Payment", "e-Social", e-Auction”, “Permission” system of the Azerbaijan State Advertising Agency from their own personal cabinet. Together with the systems integrated into the portal citizens have access to 690 e-services through their personal cabinet. In addition, “myGov” initially provides citizens with 17 types of notification services.