In April, more than 264,000 citizens have registered through the ASAN Login system.

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Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreading in the world and in Azerbaijan in recent days, social isolation measures have become inevitable. In order to prevent danger to society, every citizen must comply with the requirements of the special quarantine regime. All this necessitates the use of digital services. At this point, the "ASAN Login" unified access system, which facilitates the use of digital services comes to the aid of citizens.

From April 1 to today, 264,774 people have been registered through the ASAN Login system, of which 227,006 of them are registered with the FIN. In one day, the registration rate reached a record 95,914. About 856,000 citizens, including newly registered users, are registered in the ASAN Login system.

ASAN Login is a central authentication and authorization system for various systems (web, mobile) developed based on new technologies (microservice architecture). Citizens can easily use the services of all integrated portals by registering on the portal and accessing to the system through strengthened e-signature tools. As a result of this system, a citizen does not have to remember multiple usernames and passwords for accessing his/her personal cabinet on various governmental and non-governmental portals. As a result, the creation of different user data by the same person in different systems is prevented. In addition, the system allows the user to manage their powers from a unified center.

In other words, once logged in to the ASAN Login system, it is possible to automatically access other systems integrated into it. At the same time, when exiting any integrated system, exit from all systems occurs. This saves time by preventing repetition.

It is possible to access to the “ASAN Login" system in several methods:

1. With User PIN

Log in with the user PIN is designed for completion of citizens’ registration online without applying to any service point. To do this, the registration button is pressed after selecting the "Log in with PIN" section. After entering the PIN code of ID card and mobile number in the citizen’s name in the opening window, the forward button is pressed. The confirmation code sent to the specified mobile number is entered in the appropriate cell and the confirmation button is pressed. A new password is set in the opening window and registration is completed. Then go the "login with user PIN" section. The forward button is pressed by entering the PIN code and the enter button is pressed after writing a password.

2. With “Asan Imza”

To access the account with “Asan Imza” select the “Log in to your account with Asan Imza” section. In the opening window, the mobile number related to "ASAN Imza" and "user ID" is entered appropriate cells and the login button is pressed. A verification code is sent via SMS to the specified mobile number by the system. The identity of the password sent to the mobile number with the password shown on the screen is checked and the "OK" button is pressed on the mobile phone. Then the PIN 1 code is entered and the "OK" button is pressed again.

3. With e-Signature

To access the account with the e-signature, firstly, center certificates and applications within the e-signature are downloaded to the computer from the website. The e-signature USB-token is plugged into the computer. After selecting the "Login to your account with e-signature" section, the login button is pressed. In the certificate window, the signature holder's information is selected and the "OK" button is pressed. A password of the e-signature is entered in the opened window and the “OK” button is pressed. The "Login to the portal" button is selected and the "ASAN Login" system is accessed. Users who want to access to the system with "e-Signature" must download the latest version of the e-signature certificate for using the system.

"ASAN Login" - simple, convenient, secure!