“e-Procurement platform”

e-Procurement project started to operate in 2019, March. The objective of this project is to provide a basis for the development of local micro, small and medium entrepreneurship entities through procurement in Azerbaijan.

Within the framework of the project, the electronic procurement of goods (works, services) in the equivalent of 3.0 million USD or less is being carried out via tender in accordance with Article 50-1.1 of the Law on Public Procurement and only micro, small and medium entrepreneurs may involve in the procedure. 

Via virtual organization of the tender commission sessions through the new portal, automatic determination of the results of procurement and reception of the decision within one working day will ensure greater transparency during the use of public funds. 

Negative cases will be prevented by the use of electronic procurement; external interference will be eliminated. Thereby, after the introduction of electronic procurement, it will be possible to hold tenders in a more flexible and transparent manner. When the subject matter of the procurement is submitted in the tender application, the notification will be sent to the consignors. The submitted offers will be stored in the system-encrypted form until the virtual session is completed. The cost of the tender will be reduced.