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What is an “e-Procurement” system and how does it make your life easier?

"E-Procurement” is a system that accelerates the activities of local micro, small and medium enterprises by ensuring their participation in procurement in Azerbaijan.

Problems before the establishment of the "e-Procurement" system:

• Loss of time

• waste of material resources

• Transparency problem

Advantages of “e-Procurement” system:

• Increasing transparency in public procurement;

• Increasing confidence in public procurement among entrepreneurs

• Saving to the state budget;

• Support for local micro, small and medium enterprises Opportunities created by "e-Procurement" system:

• Submission of procurement announcements and proposals in electronic form;

• Holding virtual meetings;

• Contracts are open to the public by being added to the portal;

• Online payments of participation fees;

• Automatic determination of procurement results and decision making within one banking day;

The portal consists of 2 parts being informative and interactive.

The informative part of the portal is open to everyone, and to access this section you need to visit the website In the informative part of the website, users can get information on legal documents related to public procurement, annual procurement plans, competitions, notifications, contracts and frequently asked questions.

Access to the interactive part of the portal is possible through the "ASAN Login" system and the ASAN / electronic signature. After entering the interactive part of the portal to participate in e-procurement, entrepreneurs pay a participation fee through the "ASAN payment" system integrated into the portal to participate in the competition of their choice and obtain a set of conditions. Then, the required documents, technical and commercial envelopes are submitted through the portal.

The single internet portal of public procurement was created by the “E-GOV Development Center” public legal entity in accordance with the Decree No. 454 of December 28, 2018.