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“Registry of State Services(RSS) ”

A total of 751 state services carried out by 132 state agencies have been registered through the Registry of State Services(RSS). 394 of these mentioned services were digitized. The main goals of the Electronic Registry are:

Determining the total number and directions of services provided by entities (physical and legal people, institutions, etc.);

Collecting and systematizing information about services in a single source;

Defining service standards and the regulations for each service;

Accelerating the operated work towards the digitization of services and identify priorities in this area;

Ensuring integration of information systems and information resources used to provide services;

Providing proposals on the efficient use of public spending on services;

Implementing activities related to the identification of the same content and elimination of duplication;

Ensuring the agility of management in this area by creating new types of services;

Analyzing, forecasting and monitoring services;

Providing citizens with access to information about services and transparency;

Improving the effectiveness and quality of the organizations' activities;

Creation of a centralized information and search database on services. Citizen access for getting information about all public services through the portal within 24 hours a day and the creation of a single database of services reflects the positive effects on both citizens’ use of public services and the business environment.