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“ASAN Task”

What is the “ASAN Task” system, and how does it make your life easier?

The “ASAN Task” system was established by the E-GOV Development Center in order to effectively organize the work within complex structures and to create a more competitive environment by minimizing the loss of all types of resources.

“ASAN Task” is a system for managing projects and tasks within those organizations. The system has the ability to track projects from start to finish, as well as each task throughout the implementation process. “ASAN Task” also acts as a kind of intranet system within the organization.

Problems before the establishment of the "ASAN Task" system:

• Difficulties in prioritizing existing tasks

• Improper time allocation in the process of performing tasks

• A waste of time and paper • Internal misunderstandings regarding the implementation and presentation of tasks

Advantages of “ASAN Task” system:

• Division of tasks according to priorities and display of current status

• Ability to clearly see the executors and followers assigned to the task

• Proper time allocation by setting start and end times

• Ability to record difficulty levels of tasks

• Ending the paper use (e.g. notetaking on copybook

• Eliminating the possibility of data loss related to tasks

• Minimizing internal misunderstandings by managing tasks through a single system

Additional features of "ASAN Task" system:

• Relocating panels throughout the system, adding new ones, deleting any, in short, complete privatization;

• Finding the profiles of employees by entering their names on the main page and viewing other information, including contact details;

• Obtaining reports on the implementation of assignments by managers on all projects, structures, as well as employees;

• Tracking tasks that are under special control or delayed.

There is also a section in the system that contains information about employees, a notification panel for announcements, birthdays or other significant dates, storage of files for sharing or personal use, contracts, legal documents, permission module.

Notifications on transactions on the system are sent to related parties by e-mail.

The use of the ASAN Task system ensures a planned, effective and coordinated operation, which is one of the key factors of modern management.