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“Asan pay”

What is the "ASAN pay" system and how does it make your life easier?

The multifunctional "ASAN pay" system allows you to make payments in different directions in a short time, safely and conveniently.

Problems before the establishment of the "ASAN pay" system:

• Obligation to wait in line

• Loss of time and resources

• Possibility of payment depending on the location

• Additional costs

Advantages of "ASAN pay" system:

• Multifunctional payment system

• Minimum physical contact

• Fast, secure and convenient payment

• Saving time and resources

• Ability to pay at any time, regardless of location

Which payments can be made through the "ASAN pay" system?

• Utility payments

• Communication fees

• Cable TV payments

• Internet payments

• Tuition fees

• Duties, Taxes and Customs Fees,

• Administrative penalty payments,

• Justice and Court fees

• Loan and Leasing payments

• Insurance payments

• Other service fees

• Support Fund payments

What are the means to pay for the "ASAN pay" system?

"ASAN pay" terminals

“ASAN pay” mobile application (for iOS and Android operating systems) portal

Payments for services in various directions by more than 310 organizations can be made 24/7 without any restrictions through the payment portal and terminals of the "ASAN pay" system, as well as other payment portals and terminals connected to the system.

"ASAN pay" - an easy way to pay!