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“ASAN Appeal”

What is “ASAN Appeal” information system (AAIS)?

AAIS ensures that complaints related to the public utilities, roads and transport problems, relevant areas for the purpose of control over the current repair, improvement and cleanliness of infrastructure are promptly sent to the relevant government agencies by recording them on an electronic map in order to exercise control, systematic monitoring of the proceedings and the results of the review of these complaints.

The purpose of the project

The purpose of AMIS is to identify and eliminate problems and shortcomings operatively with the wider and more active participation of the public. Principles of the project The activity of AAIS, which was initially implemented in Sumgait as a pilot project, is based on the following principles:

ease of use - ensuring the exchange of information, as well as ensuring that users can use AAIS easily and without additional operations;

freedom and continuity - uninterrupted implementation of the activities of AAIS;

functionality and sustainable development - continuous improvement of AMIS using the latest technologies;

efficiency - implementation of information exchange and AAIS functions as soon as possible;

• transparency - ensuring transparency and accountability in the activities of AAIS.

Use of AAIS

The use of AAIS is carried out through the mobile application of the system. The user registers through the "ASAN Login" Single Sign-On System by downloading the mobile application from AMIS to the mobile device. If the mobile number is not in the user's name during registration in the "ASAN application" mobile application, the identification is carried out through video registration. After registration, the user can log in to the system by entering the PIN and password.

After logging in to the system, the user can send the application promptly by marking it on the electronic map and follow the results of the review in the electronic cabinet automatically generated by AAIS.

To send the application, the user enters a photo or video of the problem and defect, as well as the text or voice message of the application in the electronic cabinet, the place of its observation (detection) is marked on the electronic map and the "Send" button is pressed.

While sending an application, applications sent by other users to a specific address are reflected in the user's e-cabinet. If the issues mentioned in these appeals are the same or similar to the user's appeal, the user can join and make additions to these appeals.

It should be noted that the project, which was initially implemented in Sumgait city as a pilot project, will be implemented in other areas of the country in the next stage.