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“ASAN Login”

“ASAN Login” is a single sign in system providing the use of digital services in a more convenient form.

“ASAN Login” is a central authentication and authorization system for various systems (web, mobile) developed on the basis of latest technologies (microservice architecture). Being one of the essential component of the new e-Gov infrastructure, this system enables users to log in to all other integrated systems through the single point registration.

As a result, creation of different user identities of the same person in several systems is avoided. Furthermore, the system enables citizens to manage user authorization from the single center.

When accessing to the "ASAN Login" system, it will automatically log in to other partner systems using this login system. At the same time, while logging out from any integrated system, all other partner systems will be automatically logged out.

Because of preventing repetition, it helps to save time.

Users of this system register only from one center. Thereby, user duplication is avoided. Management of user permissions from a single destination is enabled without repeated registrations of authentication and authorization systems. Hence, the cases of forgetting numerous user names and passwords concerning an individual are prevented.