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“ASAN Index”

Objectives of the ASAN Index project started in 2016, ensuring the evaluation of the 747 unique state services, are:

• Providing information to citizens about the public services and their execution procedure as well as the regular updates of those pieces of information;

• Developing opportunities for citizens to apply, utilize and pay for public services;

• Measurement and development of the level of public service providers. Advantages of the project:

• Ensuring public services are delivered to citizens without consuming time;

• Ensuring transparency in providing public services;

• Development of public service control and complaint mechanisms;

• Improving the efficiency and quality of public services;

• Accelerating the process of public service digitization.

The results of evaluation estimation are provided to service providers by September of each year and evaluation in accordance with the ASAN service index is publicly disclosed. The suggested proposals and shortcomings are undergoing improvement until the next evaluation date.

Within the first 2016-2017 report, 412 services have been evaluated, including 178 services of the central executive bodies and 234 services of the local executive authorities operating in Baku. According to the 2017-2018 report, 634 services were evaluated, including 353 services of 30 central executive bodies, 234 services of 13 local executive bodies operating in Baku and 47 services of 4 legal entities that provide public utility services.