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“ASAN Finance”

“ASAN Finans” project was established by the “E-GOV Development Center” with the aim of providing access to state information resources for financial organizations.

Objectives of the system:

- Forming Single electronic space for financial services through the E-Government Portal

- Creating electronic access platform to state information resources and systems for financial service provider institutions

By enabling legal access to state information system, “ASAN Finans” brings following advantages:

- By the means of PIN (Personal Identification Number) and TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) getting information in a real time regime about the workplace, incomes, ordinary passports and other information;

- Enable the presence of data in digital system, examination of information and quick analysis in the decision-making process;

-Accelerating development of the digital banking;

-Allowing to save operator, operational and other costs, as well as physical resources;

The system offers following opportunities for citizens:

Minimizing the role of paper carriers in the use of banking services;

Providing banking and insurance services faster and more transparently through a single digital space;

Accessibility of remote banking, 24/7 availability of banking services;

At the same time, “ASAN Finans” project positively influence to operative provision of fullfilment of citiziens’ appeal by institution;

"ASAN Finance" project also has a positive impact on the operational support provided by the authorities on citizens' appeals;

So that, in the case of citizen’s consent, institutions can easily obtain electronic information via “ASAN Finans” system concerning person’s ID, workplace, TIN, conviction, existing property and government commitment;

Thus, institutions save time and resources. Simultaneously, citizens can create bank account in any bank, apply for a credit and obtain credit by electronically signing all the documents remotely via the “ASAN Finans” system without visiting the bank.