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“ASAN Finance”

The “ASAN Finance” system was established by the E-GOV Development Center of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The aim of the project is to provide access to state information resources of organizations from the financial and other spheres through the e-Government Information System, as well as to make services more accessible and convenient for citizens.

Services currently available in the “ASAN Finance” system:

• ID card information;

• Workplace information;

• Passport information;

• TIN information;

• Information on e-agriculture

• Migration information;

• Transfer of information on VIN;

• Retirement information;

• Identification of name and surname information;

• Identification of migration data;

There is no need for organizations to use paper documents when applying to the ASAN Finance system, which integrates more than 65 institutions. It is now possible to digitally transfer the required information to the other party by submitting an ID card or TIN to the operator of the relevant institution. Information is transmitted only with the personal consent of the citizen. Through “ASAN Finance”, citizens have the opportunity to open an account without going to the bank, apply for a loan, sign documents in electronic format, and obtain a loan.

Advantages gained by citizens

• Minimize the use of paper;

• Faster and more transparent access to banking and insurance services;

• Opportunity to apply online to banking services 7/24;

The system also provides financial institutions with more convenient and efficient access to relevant information. Thus, institutions can easily obtain relevant information through the "ASAN Finance" system with the consent of the citizen. As a result of this, organizations save time and resources.

Advantages gained by institutions integrated into the system:

• Obtaining information in digital format through PIN and TIN;

• Faster conduction of analysis and inquiries;

• Accelerate the development of digital banking;

• Increasing customer satisfaction;

• Ensuring more citizens are received in a short period of time;

• Saving physical and material resources.

“ASAN Finance” is a unique system created for digital access to information for banks, non-bank credit institutions, insurance companies, tourism companies, retail companies, as well as many areas of customer service, for gaining customer satisfaction, for saving time and business resources.

To connect to the “ASAN Finance” system: Tel: 012 444 74 44 (ext. 3137)