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“The System for Obtaining and Monitoring Permissions” will continue to operate

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According to the current sanitary-epidemiological situation, the tightened special quarantine regime will continue until 06:00 on August 5, 2020, in Baku, Jalilabad, Ganja, Masalli, Mingachevir, Sumgayit, Yevlakh cities and in Absheron, Barda, Goranboy, Goygol, Khachmaz, Siyazan and Sheki regions.

“The System for Obtaining and Monitoring Permissions during the Implementation of Special Quarantine Regime” will also continue to operate in the relevant period.

During this period, the extension of persons’ active permits on the portal until July 20, 2020, working in the field of work and services where the activities are allowed will be carried out automatically by the E-Gov Development Center. According to the relevant resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, permission must be obtained on the portal for citizens working in new areas where activities are allowed.

Citizens can look at the status of existing permits on the e-government portal "myGov". To do this, a citizen needs to access the portal "myGov" and select the "My Data" section in his personal cabinet, need to look at the permit or download the electronic form by clicking on the "certificate from the System of Obtaining and Monitoring Permissions" in the opening window.

To obtain a permit to leave the house, citizens send a special code indicating the purpose of the permit and the serial number of the ID card to the short number 8103 from the mobile number as before. According to the new Resolution, the period of SMS permission for individuals to leave their place of residence and location has been extended from 2 to 3 hours.

It is possible to apply with 2 codes for the purpose of permits as before:

Code number 1 is related to getting urgent medical necessity and receiving treatment on any schedule. The permit is issued for 2 hours within the district and the city. If the duration of the treatment procedure is extended, the period of return is determined by a certificate issued by a doctor.

Code number 2 is for leaving the house due to the need for purchasing food and other daily necessities, as well as medicines, the need to use public services, banking, postal and other services provided in the areas of work and services allowed to continue their activities, as well as to leave the place of residence and location due to spending time outdoors. Permission is issued once a day for 3 hours.

Foreigners or stateless persons temporarily or permanently residing in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as foreigners or stateless persons whose temporary stay in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been extended, may obtain permission by sending the permit code, the serial number of the ID card to 8103.

While leaving the place of residence by a personal vehicle according to the relevant index, citizens are recommended to add the state registration plate of the vehicle along with the serial number of the ID card to the text of the SMS. In this case, whether the vehicle has a permit will be automatically checked with special technical means by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The SMS text should be formatted as shown in the example. Permit, index, space, serial number of the ID card, space, state registration plate of the vehicle. For proper formatting of SMS text, it is necessary to use the spaces as noted. It is also possible to obtain a permit in the same way for vehicles with foreign, transit, embassy, etc. state registration plates.

To attend the funeral of a close relative, citizens should contact the 102 hotline of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

SMS permission is not required to leave the place of residence in case of imminent danger to life and health. Similarly, individuals may leave their homes without sending an SMS when summoned to court or to law enforcement.

Individuals, legal entities, and officials are liable for the violation of the rules of application of established traffic restrictions during inspections by employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in accordance with the Administrative Offenses and Criminal Codes of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Citizens can apply to the 9108 Call Center of "ASAN service" in connection with the rules of using the SMS permission system and questions related to sending SMS.

Updated video instruction of the SMS permission system: