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The scope of the "ASAN Finance" project is expanding

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"ASAN Finance" project implemented by E-Gov Development Center subordinate to the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a single platform providing electronic access to state information resources for financial services providers.

The presence of citizens' data on a single system through the ASAN Finance project facilitates faster data analysis. It also ensures that the documents required by banks, insurance companies, and other commercial organizations are obtained in the shortest possible time and in digital form with the citizen's consent.

The system gives financial institutions the right to access state information systems and gives them the following advantages:

· Real-time information on citizens;

· Enable data to be in the online system, create an opportunity to analyze it rapidly in the decision-making process;

· Accelerate the development of digital banking;

· Providing efficiency on operational and other costs, as well as physical resources.

In addition, the system provides the following opportunities for citizens:

· Minimizing the role of paper carriers when using banking services;

· Providing banking and insurance services faster and more transparent from a single digital place;

· Access to remote banking services, and e-access to 7/24 banking services.

At present, ASAN Finance covers 34 institutions. 12 of them (Expressbank ASC, Kapital Bank OJSC, Pasha Bank OJSC, Premium Bank OJSC, AGBank OJSC, International Bank of Azerbaijan OJSC, Bank Avrasiya OJSC, Bank Respublika OJSC, Unibank, Azerbaijan Micro Credit, IDEAL Credit, Paysis LLC) have started to operate, and 22 of them have signed the contract. The contact details for joining to "ASAN Finance" system: 012 444 74 44 (ext. 3136).