Single electronic portal of Public Procurement in the "ASAN payment" system

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Single electronic portal of Public Procurement or “e-Procurement” technically developed by the E-GOV Development Center subordinate to the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the important projects in the direction of increasing transparency in procurements carried out by state organizations. Taking into account the recent social isolation measures and special quarantine regime in the country in connection with the current situation, work is considered a priority in the direction of minimizing physical contact during the procurement process and ensuring the efficiency of the single internet portal of public procurement. Thus, work on the integration of the “e-Procurement” portal into the “ASAN payment” system has been accelerated and the process has been successfully completed before the scheduled date.

Starting from April 15, 2020, procuring organizations can register the requisites they will use in the "ASAN payment" system through the "Settings" section in their personal cabinet and can use these requisites to accept participation fees while submitting a tender announcement. At the same time, contractors can pay participation fee non-cash via payment card by clicking on the "Pay with the existing “ASAN payment” system button after accepting the terms of participation in electronic tenders.

Taking sensitivity of the payment process into consideration, all portal users have been notified by e-mail and other means from April 1, 2020, related to the applied innovation. In order to ensure the ease of use of the portal, instructions for use have been posted on the portal.

There are a number of advantages of the integration of the "e-Procurement" portal into the "ASAN payment" system. Thus, from now on the contractor will be able to participate in the tender by paying the participation fee in the tender he wants to participate in from the place where he is via a payment card without going anywhere. However, before he/she went to the bank, spending time and other resources, came to the office with a cheque after making a payment in the bank, prepared the e-form of the cheque, and uploaded it to the system. In this case, cases of uploading incorrect documents were no exception. Another advantage is the possibility to get the "Set of Terms" immediately after payment, as payments are made by the contractor in real-time. Thus, the applied innovation increases ease of use and level of efficiency of the portal.

Till today 2,792 e-tenders (equivalent to $ 50,000- $ 3 million), 6,370 request for quotation, 386 request for proposals, 5,362 notifications, 1,594 open tenders have been announced and 7,384 contracts have been signed. Currently, the portal has 5,123 users submitted by 1338 organizations and 3649 users submitted by 3306 contractors. Only in the current year, 1,012 procurement plans have been placed in the system by institutions. e-permit system,and 8103 SMS permit system applied in connection with the special quarantine regime in the country were created by the E-GOV Development Center. The Center continues to improve both applied systems daily. The Center urges all citizens to stay at home, to think about the health of themselves and relatives, to make more use of digital services.