Permission System in the Enhanced Special Quarantine Regime is Being Implemented

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E-GOV Development Center subordinate to the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has established “Obtaining and Monitoring Permissions during the Implementation of Special Quarantine Regime”.

Applications must be submitted through the system by public and private organizations to receive permission for employees.

To obtain legal permission, seal authorized persons of public and private organizations should log in to portal via personal “ASAN Login”. Access to the system is possible through “ASAN Signature” and “E-Signature” available in “ASAN Login”. After the system opens, the user should click the “Permissions” button on the left side of the menu and click the “New” button in the newly opened window. FIN of a responsible person should be entered into the first opening cell. Followingly, the user should click the “Remember” button after fulfilling other cells including “Vehicle Information” and “Permission Information” respectively. After the form is completed and information is re-checked, the “Confirm” box should be marked and the “Saves” button should be pressed. If the “Confirm” button is clicked, the information is automatically sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the application is not subject to change afterwards. If the “Confirm” button is not pressed, the permission information displayed in the “Permissions” section can be changed and deleted from the system via “Edit” and “Delete” buttons, respectively. Information about the current status of permissions can be got by clicking on the permissions displayed on the lines in the “Permissions” section. In addition, the seal authorized person may authorize another person to use the system by clicking the "Grant Authority" button on the left and clicking the "Add" button in the newly opened window. To do this, the FIN and ID number of the person who is wanted to be authorized should be entered, and the “Save” button should be pressed in the following. It should be mentioned that the strengthened e-signature of the authorized person must be linked to the TIN of the organization.

To obtain a permit to leave the house, citizens send a special code and the serial number of the ID card to the short number 8103 from the mobile number, indicating the purpose of the permit.

There are 3 codes assigned for the purpose of permits:

Code number 1 is related to getting urgent medical necessity and receiving treatment on any schedule. The permit is issued for 2 hours within the district and the city. If the duration of the treatment procedure is extended, the period of return is determined by a certificate issued by a doctor.

Code number 2 is for leaving the house due to the need for purchasing food and other daily necessities, as well as medicines, and using banking and postal services. (permission is issued once a day for 2 hours)

Code number 3 is for attending the funeral of a close relative.

For instance, citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan must send an SMS with the content 2 AZE 1111111 to the short number 8103 in order to obtain a permit to leave the place of residence due to the need to purchase food and other daily necessities, as well as medicines, banking, and postal services.

Foreigners or stateless persons temporarily or permanently residing in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as foreigners or stateless persons whose temporary stay in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been extended, may obtain permission by sending the permit code and a serial number of the ID document to 8103.

The response SMS to the citizens' appeal indicates the period of validity of the permit.

Citizens may leave their place of residence only after receiving a positive response.

Reply message is expected to be received within 1 hour.

SMS permission is not required to leave the place of residence in case of imminent danger to life and health. Similarly, individuals may leave their homes without sending an SMS when summoned to court or to law enforcement.

Regarding the questions related to the rules of using the SMS permission system and sending SMS, citizens can call 9108, Call Center of "ASAN service".

People over the age of 65 are not allowed to leave the house.

Cases of abuse when obtaining permission via the SMS system are constantly investigated. Serious measures are taken against citizens who commit such acts.

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