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EGDC was represented at the Global Government Forum webinar

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On June 28, Fariz Jafarov, director of the E-GOV Development Center (EGDC) of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, spoke at a webinar organized by the Global Government Forum.

The webinar is dedicated to the topic "Integration of information and protection of public sector standards". The main purpose of the webinar is to learn the experiences of different countries in collecting, storing, and crisis-relieving data during a pandemic and to consider the application of these practices to all businesses in the future.

Fariz Jafarov spoke about the experience of "ASAN service" and the work done in the direction of digital government development in Azerbaijan. The extensive information about the "ASAN Bridge" national information exchange system created for the purpose of information exchange in the provision of public services, and digital transfer of information between state bodies was given to the participants. During the presentation, also mentioned the provision of services to citizens in the private sector and the transfer of data to ensure citizen convenience within the framework of the "ASAN Finance" project. Another digital solution of EGDC - the importance of the "ASAN Login" project, which is a centralized identification tool for the purpose of ensuring access of citizens to state services, was brought to attention.

Later they talked about responding to the crisis situation in Azerbaijan during the pandemic with digital solutions, digital projects created for the purpose of situation management, mobile applications, data sharing, and integrations. At the end of the meeting, information was given about other projects created by the Center and "ASAN service" and ensuring the convenience of citizens.

The webinar also touched on obstacles in the exchange of information in the public sector, the provision of electronic services by overcoming those obstacles during the pandemic, and the role of initiatives such as the UK government's national information strategy in ensuring rapid information exchange, and other similar topics.

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