State Agency: portal and 8103 SMS permission system will be valid until May 4

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Due to the extension of the special quarantine regime in the Republic of Azerbaijan until May 4, 2020, the “System of Obtaining and Monitoring Permits during the Implementation of the Special Quarantine Regime” will be operational until the relevant date.

During the special quarantine regime, the duration of all permissions registered on the portal are extended until May 4, 2020, in order to ensure the convenience of public and private organizations registered to obtain a permit for employees and the sustainability of their work process. In addition, adding new permissions, revocation of existing permits, the expiration date of the permit for employees can be identified.

At the same time, to obtain a permit to leave the house, citizens must send a special code and the serial number of the ID card to the short number 8103 from the mobile number, indicating the purpose of the permit.

Regarding the questions related to the rules of using the SMS permission system and sending SMS, citizens can call 9108, Call Center of "ASAN service".

People over the age of 65 are not allowed to leave the house.

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