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“Digital Government” promotion program is established

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On March 29, 2019, the presentation of the “Digital Government” promotion program realized by the mutual initiative of the E-GOV Development Center and ASAN School under the subordination of the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was held.

It was stated that through volunteering activities citizens will be informed about the digital services, their advantages and terms of use.

It was noted that, in the course of the “Master 1” program of ASAN School, volunteers will be directly involved in the process of enlightenment of the population on digital services in special kiosks at “ASAN service” centers, universities and other centers in Baku and regions. They will also inform citizens about the existing digital appeal process and will assist them in the application in special kiosks at “ASAN service” centers.

It was also stated that one of the main targets is broadening the usage of digital services and electronic appeals as a result of volunteer work, besides Baku informing citizens about digital services in other regions. In this regard, volunteers will contribute to the development of digital services, using their intellectual potential.

Program participants will constantly be involved in training, seminars, as well as digital projects, the favorable condition will be provided in order to specialize in different fields. In compliance with modern requirements, volunteers will be involved in the proper use of information and communication tools. In addition, volunteers will have the opportunity to gain experience during activities in the field of cooperation with international organizations.

At the ceremony, the information on the objectives, activities, and functionality of digital services was also provided. It was noted that successive measures in the direction of the promotion of innovations and personal development of volunteers, will be maintained through the “Digital Government” promotion program.