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A number of permissions have been revoked on the portal

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According to the Resolution on Amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan on additional measures to tighten the special quarantine regime No. 208 dated June 19, 2020, 50% of employees in the permitted areas are allowed to work.

As previously warned several times, some of the permissions that do not comply with the relevant Resolution have already been revoked on the portal Thus, permits of institutions that are not among the areas permitted by the relevant Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers and designated by the Ministry of Economy have been revoked. These institutions also cannot add new permits to the system.

Once again, the authorized areas are asked to go to the portal "" and edit the information related to them in accordance with the relevant Resolution. Because the cancellation of permissions in the system exceeding the limits will continue.

Legal entities and individuals can apply to the Ministry of Economy regarding special circumstances related to the adjustment of permits.