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Public Services in Digital Age Use of digital technology to improve the citizens’ standard of living and enhance the convenience of public services.

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The “Digital executive power” portal

“Digital Executive Power” portal targeted to increase flexibility in the decision-making process, increase the level of digital literacy, provide access to services from a single space, save time for citizens, facilitate the application process, as well as ensure flexibility and efficiency of local executive powers. At the initial stage of the project, 3 socio-economically active regions were selected - Ganja, Masalli, and Guba. Relevant executive authorities were selected to represent each zone of Azerbaijan (north, south, and west), population, and location of "ASAN service" centers.

ASAN Appeal

“ASAN Appeal” information system (AAIS) ensures that complaints related to the public utilities, roads and transport problems, relevant areas for the purpose of control over the current repair, improvement and cleanliness of infrastructure are promptly sent to the relevant government agencies by recording them on an electronic map in order to exercise control, systematic monitoring of the proceedings and the results of the review of these complaints.


The e-government portal "myGov" was created by the E-GOV Development Center under the State Agency for Citizen Services and Social Innovations subordinate to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The purpose of the “myGov” portal is to facilitate the work of citizens, ensure transparency and efficiency through the presented electronic services, providing the transition from reactive services to proactive ones. 

The System for Obtaining and Monitoring of Permits

E-Gov Development Center subordinate to the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has established “The System for Obtaining and Monitoring of Permits during the Implementation of Special Quarantine Regime”. The system is designed to obtain permits for citizens to operate and leave their homes during the implementation of a special quarantine regime in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

ASAN Bridge

The concept of digital and modern government requires effective management of large amounts of data. Each government agency stores and manages its own information. However, it should be borne in mind that in order to better serve the citizens, the various agencies must constantly transmit the necessary information to each other and do so safely and quickly. Information exchange tool ASAN Bridge System, as an integrated module of the e-Government Information System (EHIS), provides coordination of government information resources and systems, as well as stable and secure exchange of information between those resources and systems.


The “ASAN Task” system was established by the E-GOV Development Center in order to effectively organize the work within complex structures and to create a more competitive environment by minimizing the loss of all types of resources. The use of the ASAN Task system ensures a planned, effective, and coordinated operation, which is one of the key factors of modern management.


The CheckApp mobile application was created for the purpose of checking COVID-19 passports in the institution and enterprises envisaged by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

ASAN Login

The “ASAN Login” system is a Single Sign-On System created by the E-GOV Development Center to use e-services provided by public and private organizations. Through the system, users do not have to remember multiple usernames and passwords to access their personal cabinets on various government and non-government portals. Generation of different user data of the same person on different systems is prevented. In addition, the system allows the user to manage their powers from a single center. "ASAN Login" is a simple, convenient, secure Single Sign-On system created for citizens to use e-services.

eGov Portal

“e-Government Portal” has been established to enable the provision of information and e-services through the use of advanced modern information technologies by the related state bodies for all citizens residing in the territory of Azerbaijan, as well as legal entities & individuals, foreigners, and stateless people. The main operational areas of the portal cover ensuring delivery of all services electronically through a single platform based on the application of the "One-stop-shop" principle between citizens and government agencies.

“e-Government Portal” ensures centralized provision of e-Services by the government organizations, use of these services by citizens and provides easy access to obtain legally defined information about the related documents from information systems and resources (databases, information research centers, registers, and other information resources) of the government organizations integrated into the portal’s system.


The “ASAN Visa” system was established to simplify the visa issuance procedure for foreigners and stateless persons (hereafter foreigners) wishing to come to Azerbaijan.